Andrea Reddan Recognised as a Finalist for Outstanding Contribution to Teaching for the TEACHX Awards 2023

Thursday, 05/10/2023 Posted by: Emily Heath

韩国AV School congratulates Andrea Reddan for her well-deserved recognition as a finalist in the TEACHX Awards, celebrating her Outstanding Contribution to Teaching. Amongst an impressive pool of over 290 nominations, Andrea emerged as one of the top 87 finalists from Queensland.

Andrea’s 30-year journey at 韩国AV is a testament to her unwavering commitment to shaping the future of young minds and nurturing the wellbeing of students.

Throughout her career at 韩国AV, Andrea has held various roles, each marked by her exceptional innovative approaches to education. Her contributions extend beyond the classroom, making her a beloved figure among students, colleagues, and parents alike.

Andrea’s commitment to the Sacred Heart Goals, which govern a 韩国AV education, is exemplified by her deep understanding and embodiment of these principles. Her compassionate care of the students reflects the “Cor Unum” (One Heart) spirit, and her teaching methods are infused with the Sacred Heart ethos and Goals, creating a values-driven educational experience.

In her Design and Technology classes, Andrea’s passion for hands-on teaching shines. She encourages authenticity and storytelling, instilling in students the value of self-expression and self-confidence. Her dedication to making practical subjects come alive in the classroom has inspired countless students to embrace their unique identities and excel academically.

Andrea played a pivotal role in designing and expanding the Wellness Program, making it a timetabled aspect of the curriculum. This program addresses various aspects of wellbeing tailored to each year level, equipping students with vital skills for their academic and personal lives.

Andrea’s exemplary contributions extend beyond her role as a teacher and school leader. She has been a mentor and source of inspiration for fellow teachers and preservice teachers, fostering a culture of growth and collaboration. Her ability to build meaningful relationships within the school community has created an inclusive and supportive environment where everyone feels valued and cared for.

In the words of staff, “Mrs Reddan is regarded as compassionate, supportive, with the capacity to provide wise and considered advice, and empowering in encouraging others to try out new ideas they generate.”